Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Human Resources is to maximize the integrity of the Navajo Nation Government with our Customers and Constituents by providing technological solutions and services, and setting standards of world-class performance.

Vision Statement

Division of Human Resources strives to be the premier growth Division by providing total Solutions and Services to the Navajo Nation, which enhances the safety, stability, comfort, and productivity of the environment where we live, work, and travel within or outside of the Navajo Nation.

Core Values

  • Trustful
  • Respectful
  • Ethical
  • Positive
  • Safety
  • Safeguard
  • Growth

Strategic Goals

To provide quality Customer Service to our Internal/External clients to provide best practices to our Navajo People; and

To continue Policy Enforcement by updating Plans of Operation, Title Amendments, and other enforcement/development of policies and procedures documents; and

To maintain adequate funding to ensure continuity of department direct services within DHR for our Navajo People; and

To develop effective means of communication between all departments with DHR whether it is written, verbal or electronic; and

To support and implement the Nez/Lizer Administration’s Priorities Statement in creating solutions for positive changes for our Dine people and families.


Upcoming Events


Executive Order No. 04-2016 ; Sexual Harassment Workplace Policy and Mandatory Training

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